The electricity market can be made more efficient

Press In a joint report, the five Nordic competition authorities maintain that developing new electricity production and boosting power transmission capacity between the Nordic countries would enhance competition in the electricity...

Swedish Competition Authority establishes a Procurement Council

The Swedish Competition Authority has established a special council to deal with procurement issues, bringing together experts from different fields.

Swedish Competition Authority new supervisory authority for public procurement

The supervision of public procurement in Sweden is to be strengthened.

New department for public procurement-related issues

A new department in the Swedish Competition Authority is to be responsible for the supervision of public procurement in Sweden. The head of the new department is Peter Lindblom.

Asphalt cartel should be penalised more severely in new trial

Press The Swedish Competition Authority wants the asphalt cartel that has been operating in Sweden to be given heavier fines. The authority has submitted a cross appeal to the Stockholm City Court calling for more severe financial...

Construction companies convicted of operating a asphalt cartel

Press “The key parts of the Competition Authority’s case were accepted by the Stockholm City Court. The verdict means a firm stand has been taken against the construction companies in the asphalt cartel. By Swedish standards, the...

The Swedish Competition Authority to supervise public procurement

Press Public procurement must be carried out correctly, and in a way that gives small businesses a chance to join the bidding.

Legislate on freedom of choice in elderly care and primary care

Let those in need of care choose for themselves who provides such services. Introduce legislation establishing a national free-choice model both for home help in elderly care and for primary care. This would strengthen the...