Raised food prices and the importance of competition

We are now heading towards a situation where competition is becoming crucial for the consumers.

High prices and competition

Press At a research conference, the question was asked how high prices affect competition and how any adverse effects might be counteracted.

Market Court ruling on MRF-Bärgarna and Assistancekåren

Press The Swedish Market Court has taken the same line as the Stockholm City Court in the case against MRF -Bärgarna och Assistancekåren Sweden AB.

Sten Nyberg new chief Economist at the Swedish Competition Authority

Press Professor Sten Nyberg has been appointed Chief Economist at the Swedish Competition Authority.

Competitiveness needs competition

Press Effective and competitive dynamic markets benefit both companies and consumers, said Director General Claes Norgren at a meeting at the Swedish Competition Authority with Neelie Kroes, the EU Commissioner responsible for...

Swedish Road Administration withdraws its appeal against the asphalt ruling

The Swedish Road Administration has announced that it is withdrawing its appeal against the Stockholm City Court’s ruling in the asphalt cartel case. The court ruling, handed down in July this year, will thus apply as it stands.

Better public procurement boosts welfare

Small and medium sized enterprises must be given a better chance to join the bidding for public contracts. Empower the Competition Authority to take action against those who seriously violate the procurement rules. Enterprise...

The electricity market can be made more efficient

Press In a joint report, the five Nordic competition authorities maintain that developing new electricity production and boosting power transmission capacity between the Nordic countries would enhance competition in the electricity...