Research into free trade, care quality and the price of medicines

Press Three new research projects can now begin as the result of a funding decision by the Swedish Competition Authority. The projects focus on the quality of Swedish elderly care, the pricing of medicines and the point of...

Illegal waste contracts hit the consumer

A number of Swedish municipalities have concluded waste management agreements without engaging in the statutory procurement process.

Greater welfare with more open borders

Press Further internationalisation of the economy can help boost welfare in Sweden. But this can only be achieved if we have efficient markets in Sweden and if competitive pressure remains strong.

One of three trade organisations in grey area

Press Many trade organisations offer their members services that lie in grey area between what is permitted and what is prohibited under Sweden’s competition rules. This is the conclusion of a study by the Swedish Competition...

The Director General leaves for a new position

The Director General of The Swedish Competition Authority, Mr Claes Norgren, has today been appointed Auditor General by the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag). Mr Norgren will take up his position at The Swedish National Audit...

Stop power network companies from overpricing

Press The recommendations of the Energy Network Inquiry put consumers and individual enterprises at a disadvantage, says the Swedish Competition Authority, commenting on the inquiry report.

Swedish Competition Authority on public procurement: “Things are moving in the wrong direction”

Press New information shows that public procurements in Sweden exceeding contractual thresholds are increasing. At the same time fewer bids are being submitted. This is revealed in the report Competition in Sweden 2007 which has no...

The Pros and Cons of High Prices

The book from the seminar on 9 November 2007 is now available.