Dissolve joint ownership of nuclear power plants

If the competitive potential of the electricity market is to be realized, it is very inappropriate that the three large enterprises Eon, Vattenfall and Fortum have joint ownership and control over all nuclear power plants in...

Volvo and Renault dealers convicted of operating a cartel

Press Eight dealers selling Volvo and Renault cars in southern Sweden have been found guilty by the Market Court of unlawful price collusion and market sharing, and have been ordered to pay fines of over SEK 21 million in total.

Competition Authority accepts advertising body's commitments

The Swedish Competition Authority has decided to accept commitments given by the Swedish Association of Advertisers and its service company, Sveriges Annonsörer AB, and has applied to the Stockholm City Court for an order...

Competition Authority wants to prevent Assa Abloy from buying Copiax

Press Assa Abloy AB’s planned takeover of wholesaler Copiax AB would create a monopoly situation and should therefore be prohibited, says the Swedish Competition Authority. The agency is seeking a court order to halt the purchase.

Arvid Fredenberg acting Chief Economist

From 1 September 2008 until 31 July 2009, the Swedish Competition Authority’s Chief Economist, Professor Sten Nyberg, will be on leave of absence to pursue research at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, US.

Government commission to propose specific action for strengthening competition in Sweden

The Swedish Competition Authority is to present the Government with specific proposals for strengthening competition, on the basis of a broad review of the current competitive situation in Sweden.

Jan-Erik Ljusberg is appointed as acting director general from 1 July 2008

The Swedish Government has appointed Jan-Erik Ljusberg as acting director general of the Swedish Competition Authority from 1 July 2008 until a new director general has been appointed.

New Swedish law facilitates the fight against cartels

Press A trading prohibition for those engaging in unlawful cartel activities, heavier cartel penalties (administrative fines) and swifter recourse to legal proceedings. These are some of the key features of the new Competition Act...