TT’s acquisition of Retriever

The Swedish Competition Authority has decided not to take any action concerning Telegrambyrå AB’s (TT) acquisition of Retriever AB. This means that the Swedish Competition Authority will not investigate the acquisition further.

More stringent rules improve public procurement

Press More public authorities will comply with the rules if they are at risk of being fined. Fewer violations of the rules will improve procurements.

The Swedish Competition Authority closes case regarding Arla’s agreement with grocery stores

The Swedish Competition Authority (SCA) will not pursue its investigation regarding the agreement between Arla and Coop and whether it is excluding other competing dairies to deliver fresh dairy products to Coop.

Three undertakers given cartel fines

Press Three firms of undertakers have accepted the administrative fines imposed on them for engaging in unlawful price collusion, i.e. a cartel. The companies will now pay the fines proposed by the Competition Authority and will...

Seven new research projects focusing on competition

Press How are prices affected once a cartel has been exposed? This question, and many others, will now be subject to research. The Swedish Competition Authority has distributed this year’s research grants for studies focusing on...

The test that can expose cartels

Press Cartels push up prices. To make it easier to detect signs of suspected bidding cartels, the Swedish Competition Authority has produced a checklist to be used by purchasers.

The Swedish Competition Authority studies the food chain

The Government has assigned the Competition Authority to examine the state of competition and other market conditions in the Swedish food chain.

Leave the cartel and escape punishment

Press Quit an unlawful cartel and escape punishment. The Competition Authority is now employing new approaches to make the opportunities available under the law more widely known. A short film showing how you leave a cartel has bee...