Demand for high fines for the illegal direct award of contracts

Press The Swedish Competition Authority is demanding that Akademiska Hus Norr AB pays three million Swedish kronor in fines for having procured a construction works contract in Umeå without following the procurement rules.

New report: Recipe for success for freedom of choice systems

Press Four factors that are critical for whether a system of choice will be successful are presented in a report from the Swedish Competition Authority.

No need for a new information authority for procurement

Press It would be expensive to set up another authority to provide information about public procurement and this would not be a suitable way of achieving the desired objective: more efficient support for procurers and suppliers. Th...

Purchaser found for Grådö dairy plant

Press Arla Food's dairy plant in Grådö, Hedemora, will be taken over by Kooperativa Förbundet. This will ensure that the former Milko plant will continue to contribute to increased competition.

Procurement fines improve procurement

Press The rules on procurement fines have contributed to contracting authorities and entities realising the importance of complying with the rules to a greater extent. This was the conclusion made by the Swedish Competition Authori...

Demands for three county transport undertakings to pay procurement fines

Press Demands are being made for three county transport undertakings in Västerbotten, Örebro and Västernorrland to pay stiff fines (procurement fines) for failing to implement procurements correctly.

Putting a stop to common catalogue prices

Press The office supplies chain, RKV, has undertaken to stop having common catalogue prices for office requisites. This commitment resulted from a review conducted by the Swedish Competition Authority.

Overlapping board members opens the door for cooperation

Press When the same people sit on the boards of several competing companies, this increases opportunities for inappropriate cooperation by companies, a practice that may be prohibited under the competition rules. This is shown by a...