International meeting on Public Procurement

The Swedish Competition Authority, on behalf of the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, is hosting an international conference on public procurement in Stockholm. The meeting sets an end to the Swedish chair of the...

Honest people affected by dodgy business practices

Press “When business operators choose to play unfairly it is the honest citizen who suffers and picks up the tab”. This was the view propounded by the Director-General of the Swedish Competition Authority when he spoke about...

Prohibition against municipal gym and spa operations at Strömstad public baths

Press Subsidies provided by the Municipality of Strömstad for gym and spa operations at the municipal baths are resulting in the distortion of competition and the disadvantage of private stakeholders. This is the opinion of the...

Demands made for procurement fines for the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket)

Press The Swedish Competition Authority (KKV) has now gone to court demanding that the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth should pay SEK 45,000 as procurement fine as the Agency concluded an illegal direct award of a...

Updated General Guidelines on leniency and trading prohibition

The Swedish Competition Authority has decided on new General Guidelines on leniency from fines (KKVFS 2012: 1) and on trading prohibition (KKVFS 2012:2).

Ice hockey clubs must make their own decisions about NHL players

Press Svenska Hockeyligan must not prevent its member clubs from signing contracts with ice hockey players locked out from the NHL, the Swedish Competition Authority decided today.

Demand for high fines for the illegal direct award of contracts

Press The Swedish Competition Authority is demanding that Akademiska Hus Norr AB pays three million Swedish kronor in fines for having procured a construction works contract in Umeå without following the procurement rules.

New report: Recipe for success for freedom of choice systems

Press Four factors that are critical for whether a system of choice will be successful are presented in a report from the Swedish Competition Authority.