Request for the payment of procurement fines by Norrbotten County Council

Press The Swedish Competition Authority is requesting that Norrbotten County Council be ordered to pay procurement fines after conducting the illegal direct award of contracts.

Court practice leads to changes in priorities

Press When the Swedish Competition Authority has taken legal proceedings against public actors that compete with private companies, it has been difficult to obtain redress from the courts. A recent report presents a review of the...

Kils municipality criticised for unlawful procurement of services

Press Kils municipality has been criticised by the Swedish Competition Authority for not publicly procuring certain technical consultancy services. Through its actions, the municipality has infringed the law on procurement.

Private labels can lead to lower prices

Press Private labels have helped to keep consumer prices down. A new report from the Swedish Competition Authority describes this situation and reviews different brands of drinking milk, among other products.

Local rural resident associations are the driving forces behind broadband development

Press Broadband development is advancing at a rapid rate in Sweden. In the rural areas, it is common for the “byalag” or local rural resident association, with the support of society, to drive this development forward. The very fir...

Procurement fine for County Council of Västernorrland

Press The Swedish Competition Authority is demanding that the County Council of Västernorrland be ordered to pay a procurement fine of SEK 700,000 after incorrectly procuring a staffing service.

Prohibit the district heating merger between Logstor and Powerpipe

Press Allowing the two largest companies to merge and acquire 80 per cent of the district heating pipes market harms competition. This is the view of the Swedish Competition Authority, who calls for the merger to be prohibited. The...

District heating customers could be worse off with merger

Press Stockholm City Court has dismissed the Swedish Competition Authority’s application to prevent Logstor acquiring Powerpipe Systems.