An eventful year

The Swedish Competition Authority currently have just over 20 proceedings pending at court, more than ever in the agency's history.

Most procurements involve construction work

Press Over a thousand Swedish contracting authorities and entities publish almost 19,000 public procurements during one year. On average, tenders from 4.4 tenderers are submitted in each procurement procedure. This is shown in a ne...

Consumers may be duped

Press The theme of the new research anthology from the Swedish Competition Authority is ‘how consumers can be protected in different markets’.

More people can and want to choose their healthcare center

Press An increasing number of people can choose their healthcare center, and no less than three out of four patients also opt to do so. This was the conclusion drawn by the Swedish Competition Authority in a report submitted to the...

Fines for the Swedish Armed Forces following improper procurement

Press The Swedish Armed Forces has been sentenced to pay procurement fines for an illegal direct award of contracts.

The Swedish Coast Guard made errors when conducting procurements

Press The Swedish Coast Guard conducted an illegal direct award of contract when the authority purchased radio equipment. This is the opinion of the Swedish Competition Authority, which is now going to court with a demand for...

Give higher priority to public procurement

Press Give public procurement a higher status. Simplify the rules for smaller procurements. Better supporting documents for statistics. These are the proposals made by the Swedish Competition Authority in a consultation response to...

FMV required to pay fines for improper procurements

Press The Swedish Competition Authority is requesting the court to decide on fines of just over one million Swedish kronor for FMV after the authority conducted several illegal direct awards of contracts.