Clarify the objective of the procurement rules

The original objective of the procurement rules (“to increase efficiency in public expenditure”) must be clarified. This was the view submitted by the Swedish Competition Authority in its formal consultation response to the...

Swedish Competition Authority prefers uniform rate of VAT

A uniform rate of VAT reduces the risk of competition being distorted between businesses and sectors, and also reduces the administrative burden for both businesses and public authorities.

Welcome news about EU judgment on telecom competition

In a judgment, the European Court of Justice has supported the view of the Swedish Competition Authority that TeliaSonera has abused its dominant position in the ADSL market.

Per Karlsson is new Head of Legal Department at the Swedish Competition Authority

Press Per Karlsson is the new Head of Legal Department at the Swedish Competition Authority with effect from 1 February. He has recently joined us from the Swedish law firm Vinge.

Competition between schools has not led to grade inflation

Press There are no major differences in how independent schools and municipal schools award their grades. On the other hand, increased competition between schools has resulted in a certain level of grade inflation. This was shown b...

Pitfalls in the procurement of works contracts

Press A lack of knowledge may lead to major procurements of works contracts being conducted in violation of applicable rules. This was the conclusion made in a report by the Swedish Competition Authority.

New rules put a stop to the illegal direct award of contracts

Press Municipal and government authorities that have been involved in the illegal direct award of contracts may be ordered to pay a penalty (fines) or see the cancellation of contracts that they have entered into. This is the effec...

Swedish Competition Authority has investigated casino operations

The State owned gaming operator AB Svenska Spel and its subsidiary Casino Cosmopol will conduct a series of measures to reduce the risk of the casino operations distorting competition with private dining and entertainment...