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The Swedish Competition Authority is initiating a market study into competition on the markets for digital platforms in Sweden. This includes, for example, digital advertising, food delivery, audiobooks, and digital payment services. The study will illuminate the extent of competition and if there is a need for measures to promote competition. To deepen our knowledge, we are inviting external parties to contribute to the study with their experiences and perspectives.

The duty of the Swedish Competition Authority is to promote effective competition for the benefit of consumers. We do this in many ways, including by investigating the competition conditions within certain industries or markets. At this time, we are initiating a market study of competition on the markets for digital platforms, to see how it affects both consumers and companies.

“An important part of the market study is to gather the experiences and perspectives of market parties in various ways. For that reason, we are inviting parties to take part in a written consultation in November. We will also be performing surveys, in-depth interviews and issuing injunctions,” says David Nordström, the project manager for the study.

Initially, the study will focus on the markets for digital advertising, mobile app stores, food delivery, audiobooks, digital payment services, and digital marketplaces.

“With the help of external parties that in various ways work with digital platforms, we hope to gain better knowledge of the market and competition conditions and whether there is a need for competition-promoting measures. Their input can also help us fine-tune the focus of the study,” says David Nordström.

During the consultation, which will occur between 7 and 30 November, we will primarily contact trade organisations, companies operating digital platforms, companies that routinely interact commercially with digital platforms, and researchers. However, the consultation is open also to other stakeholders wishing to contribute with their experiences and knowledge.

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Jimmy Dominius, press secretary, phone +46 (0)76 542 15 80,
David Nordström, market abuse expert, phone +46 (0)8 700 16 06,

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