Emmaboda censured for wrongful purchases

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Emmaboda municipality purchased construction consultancy services without following procurement rules. The Swedish Competition Authority is now censuring the municipality in a supervisory decision.

Despite the fact that the contracts for construction consultancy services exceed the limit for direct awards, Emmaboda municipality entered into verbal agreements without any regard for the notice requirements in procurement legislation. Emmaboda municipality has thus carried out illegal direct awards.

”By not publishing contract notice you distort competition. Other potential suppliers were unable to bid for the contracts in question”, says the Swedish Competition Authority’s Director General, Rikard Jermsten.

As this infraction of the law occurred some considerable time ago, the Swedish Competition Authority is unable to refer it to a court of law and demand that Emmaboda be ordered to pay procurement fines.

”Not following procurement rules jeopardises legal certainty. It also increases the risk of corruption”, Rikard Jermsten points out.

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