Procurement inspection promotes compliance with the rules

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No less than nine out of ten procuring government agencies have changed their procedures or their organisation after being inspected by the Competition Authority. A common response has been to improve the expertise regarding public procurement regulations.

The Competition Authority’s duties include ensuring that municipalities, county councils and government agencies comply with public procurement regulations. In a new report, we describe our inspection process and the tools we have at our disposal. The report also includes all decisions and judgments that have entered into force between the spring of 2015 and the end of 2016. 

In addition, the report shows that almost all, nine out of ten government agencies, have updated their procedures or their organisation following an inspection by us.

“It is positive to see that so many procuring government agencies have made concrete improvements in order to better comply with the rules,” says Karin Lunning, Deputy Director-General of the Competition Authority.

Leading up to the report, a large number of procuring government agencies that have been inspected for suspected improper procurements were allowed to comment on the Competition Authority’s work. The feedback focused on processing times, our priorities, and our decisions as well as the court judgments being usable to a greater degree in educating others.

In the report, we explain how the inspection procedures are constantly being updated in order to ensure efficient and effective inspection.

“It is important to highlight the results of our inspection work so that more and more actors are able to make procurements correctly going forward,” says Karin Lunning.

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