Umeå Energi fined for unlawful direct award

Press release

Umeå Energi AB’s purchase of staffing services without prior publication of a contract notice constitutes a prohibited direct award, according to the Swedish Competition Authority, now filing for the imposition of a public procurement fine of SEK 200,000 against Umeå Energi.

On several occasions in 2016 Umeå Energi purchased services from a staffing agency without publishing a contract notice or using existing framework agreements. By violating the regulations Umeå Energi has conducted an illegal direct award. No exemptions from the legislation are applicable in this case.

“Adhering to the procurement regulations is important. It increases the opportunity for the supplier offering the best quality for the best price to win”, says Rikard Jermsten, Director General for the Swedish Competition Authority.

The contract value is estimated to just over SEK 8.2 million. The Swedish Competition Authority requests that the Administrative Court in Umeå should impose a procurement fine of SEK 200,000 on Umeå Energi.

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