Demands for Region Skåne to pay procurement fines

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Region Skåne has concluded two contracts regarding healthcare services through illegal direct awards. The Swedish Competition Authority is now taking the matter to court and is demanding a ruling that Region Skåne must pay procurement fines amounting to SEK 1,350,000.

This case concerns service contracts within the fields of gynaecological healthcare and anaesthesia and intensive care that Region Skåne awarded in breach of the procurement rules. The value of the contracts was so high that the contracts should have been advertised in order to provide more suppliers the opportunity to submit tenders. It is therefore, according to the Swedish Competition Authority, a matter of illegal direct awards.

“If the contracts had been advertised, more suppliers could have submitted competing tenders. Now we cannot know if the agreements were in the best interests of the patients”, says Director-General of the Swedish Competition Authority Dan Sjöblom.

The Swedish Competition Authority is now taking the matter to the Administrative Court in Malmö with a demand that Region Skåne be sentenced to pay procurement fines amounting to a total of SEK 1,350,000. Due to the fact that this is a case of repeated infringements, the amount demanded is higher than would normally be the case.

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