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  • Pros and Cons 2019

    Friday 8 November 9.00 to 17.00 we organized the conference The Pros and Cons. This year’s theme is More Pros & Cons of Vertical Restraints.
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The competition rules

Competition is restricted if undertakings fix prices, share markets or prevent new companies from entering the market. This is why the competition rules are required.

En trave böcker

The rules on public procurement

To ensure that tax monies are used in the best way possible, and to safeguard competition on the market, authorities must observe certain rules when performing procurements.

Europeiska unionens flagga

International role

International cooperation on competition issues is increasingly important. The Swedish Competition Authority has regular contact with competition authorities in other countries, particularly within Europe.

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Contact us!

If you need assistance on matters of public procurement or if you want to leave information related to competition or procurement problems - contact us.

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