SVT is required to pay fine for illegal direct award of contract

Press When SVT (the Swedish public service broadcaster) had a staff party, the company directly approached two suppliers instead of conducting a public procurement.

Rental of office equipment must be procured

Press The Swedish Competition Authority requests that Karolinska Institutet pays SEK 200,000 in fines/procurement damages for having signed an agreement pertaining to rental of printers, scanners and copying machines without public...

Problems when municipalities impede competition

Press The Swedish Competition Authority's demands that independent companies were given access to a training area owned by a municipal association was not approved by the Stockholm City Court.

How Sweden’s municipal system of choice work best

Press An increasing number of users actively choose a care provider when they are being offered the choice in accordance with the Act on System of Choice, in the municipality. At the same time, there are an increasing number of...

SJ taken to court over procurement penalties

Press According to the Swedish Competition Authority, SJ made an illegal move when acquiring cleaning services via direct procurement. Consequently, SJ is now required to pay penalties/procurement damages of SEK 8.5m.

New book: More Pros and Cons of Merger Control

Should all countries have regulations for merger control? How can we evaluate whether competition authorities apply the regulations in a good way?

Good for competitors, spectators and the development of automobile sports

The decision of the Swedish Market Court stating that the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation may not apply their loyalty rules is good for those involved in automobile sports as well as for the spectators. “I am very...

International meeting on Public Procurement

The Swedish Competition Authority, on behalf of the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, is hosting an international conference on public procurement in Stockholm. The meeting sets an end to the Swedish chair of the...