Competition has to improve within the public works sector

Press Public works are highly represented among the applications for procurement fines taken to court by the Swedish Competition Authority. There are also problems associated with corruption and cartels.

New publication regarding environmental and social considerations in procurement

Press The formulation of environmental requirements and social considerations in conjunction with public procurement is an issue that is highly topical among many contracting authorities and entities. The Swedish Competition...

Public policy objectives govern public procurement

Press “We now have a unique opportunity to discuss whether, and if in that case how, public procurement can best promote different public policy objectives. Now, at a time when both the EU and our Swedish rules for public procureme...

Demand for the Municipality of Sigtuna and Länstrafiken i Jämtland to be fined

Press Stiff fines are sought for the Municipality of Sigtuna and Länstrafiken i Jämtland [Public Transportation Authority in Jämtlands County] because they have not, according to the Swedish Competition Authority, complied with the...

The Swedish Competition Authority examines suppliers of spare parts in the marine sector

The Swedish Competition Authority can confirm that it had cause to make unannounced visits to suppliers of spare parts for engines in sailing boats and motor boats.

Business benefits from self-policing by local and central government

Press After the tightening up of the Swedish Competition Act fewer companies have been exposed to competition from central or local government. The tightening up of the Act last year has yielded the desired result. This is the...

In-depth investigation of the Arla/Milko deal

The Swedish Competition Authority has decided to conduct a ‘special investigation’ of the planned merger between Arla and Milko.

Sweden takes the chair of European network for public procurement

On 1st July Sweden became chair of PPN, the Public Procurement Network