The Swedish Competition Authority welcomes proposals from the Procurement Inquiry

Press An increased number of tenderers in public procurements result in better competition and greater benefits for society, says the Swedish Competition Authority in a statement to the Swedish Government.

Statens servicecenter taken to court over illegal direct awards

Press The Swedish Competition Authority requires Statens servicecenter to pay a total of approximately SEK 1.5 million in procurement fines. The agency has on two occasions carried out illegal direct awards when they signed contrac...

The Consumers and the society benefit in focus

"In 2012, we have noticed an increased interest in issues related to public procurement and competition. Many people contact us with valuable comments", says Dan Sjöblom, Director-General of the Swedish Competition Authority.

New guide for companies that want to cooperate

Press If smaller companies collaborate in procurements to a greater extent, competition will be strengthened. The Swedish Competition Authority is now launching a brand new guide for smaller companies looking to cooperate.

Telia Sonera abused its market power

Press The Swedish Competition Authority is pleased that Telia Sonera has been fined for abusing its dominant position. The company has been ordered by the Market Court to pay an administrative fine of SEK 35 million for infringing...

Fine demanded for reconstructing a school without exposure to competition

Press A claim has been made for the municipally owned company Lejonfastigheter in Linköping to pay a procurement fine of SEK 135,000 following an illegal direct award of contract. The Swedish Competition Authority will now take the...

New Nordic Report: Competition leads to innovation, growth and a more effective public sector

Press Competition and competition policy can contribute to growth, an improved innovation climate and increased quality and efficiency within the public sector. This emerges from a joint report by the Nordic competition authorities.

Sveriges Radio taken to court over procurement fines

Press Sveriges Radio carried out an illegal direct award of contract in connection with a staff party. The Swedish Competition Authority therefore requires Sveriges Radio to pay procurement fines of SEK 200,000.