New request for procurement fine for Stockholm County Council

Press The Swedish Competition Authority is going to court to obtain a judgement regarding a procurement fine for Stockholm County Council. The council has performed an illegal direct award of pediatric orthopaedic services.

Impose amortization requirement on banks – not borrowers

Press If introduced, an amortization requirement on mortgages should apply per bank and not per borrower. This is the conclusion of the Swedish Competition Authority in a consultation response to the Swedish government.

Many small companies among the suppliers in public procurements

Press Eight out of ten businesses that bid for municipal, county council and government contracts are small companies with less than 50 employees, according to new statistics published by the Swedish Competition Authority and Swedi...

Doctors for hire cost county councils more than SEK 1 billion

Press County councils are paying SEK 1.1 billion a year for doctors for hire in primary care. Direct awards are contributing to a rise in costs. But the problems are structural and cannot be solved with improved framework agreement...

More freedom of choice is good for fund management companies and customers

Press Savers in the Swedish premium pension system are limited to five funds per person. The Swedish Competition Authority proposes that pension savers should have the opportunity to select more than five funds in order to level th...

Investigation of the online travel agency Expedia closed

Press After the online travel agent Expedia has changed the application of certain conditions in its contract with hotels, the Swedish Competition Authority has now closed its investigation of the company. Expedia operates under th...

New report on Sport and Competition Law

Press Sporting activity has, on several occasions, been scrutinised from a competition law perspective. However, it is possible to avoid contravening the rules on competition.

New agency responsible for procurement support

Press Over a period of twenty months the Swedish Competition Authority has built up and been responsible for joined up procurement support.