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Pros and Cons 2020

We have a tradition of arranging seminars on major issues, where academics and practitioners meet in the same arena.

The seminars, which are open for competition authority employees, researchers, lawyers and competition consultants, have been appreciated for the open discussion among the participants and we hope that this year’s seminar will be no exception.

Pros & Cons of Presumptions

This year’s theme is Pros & Cons of Presumptions. The webinar will take place on Friday November 6, 2020. It will bring together four leading experts in competition law and competition economics from near and far for an inspiring discussion on a variety of aspects of the topic. Prominent economists and lawyer from competition authorities and private enforcement in Europe will act as discussants. Andriani Kalintiri will be the webinar chair.

There have been an ongoing policy debate on the trade-off between the effectiveness and administrability of competition law and the improved accuracy through detailed market assessment, as well as the balance between under and over enforcement. How to make better use of rebuttable presumptions in the application of competition law? How should the presumptions evolve over time to ensure competition in rapidly changing markets?

In this year’s Pros & Cons webinar, David Bailey will talk about when it is appropriate to use presumptions, when presumptions should be avoided, and how the use of presumptions should change over time. Damien Neven will draw on the decision theory in modelling an antitrust investigation as a process of sequential acquisition of case specific information and presumptions as prior knowledge with respect to the consequence of the practice under investigation. Cani Fernández will focus on the use of presumptions in the application of Article 102 TFUE. Margaret Slade will talk about the relevant empirical evidence required to form a solid basis for presumptions in the context of vertical mergers.

Seminar Program


Welcome address by Rikard Jermsten

Director General at the Swedish Competition Authority


Introduction by the conference Chair:
Andriani Kalintiri
Lecturer in Competition Law, King's College London



David Bailey

Professor of Law, Kings College of London

To Presume, or not Presume, that is the question.


Discussant: Ana Sofia Rodrigues, Chief economist,
Portuguese Competition Authority



Coffee break


Damien Neven

Professor of Economics, Graduate Institute Geneva
The economic and enforcement aspects of presumptions


Discussant: Theon Van Dijk, Chief economist, 

Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets





Cani Fernández

President of the Spanish National Commission for Markets and Competition
The use of presumptions in the application of Article 102 TFUE.


Discussant: Kevin Coates, Senior of Counsel,
Covington & Burling LLP


14.00 Coffee break

Margaret Slade Professor of Economics, Vancouver School of Economics
Presumptions in Vertical Mergers: The Role of Evidence.


Discussant: Griet Jans, acting Chief Economist,
Belgian Competition Authority





Closing of conference


If you have any question regarding the seminar, please do not hesitate to contact the organiser Li Feng (li.feng@kkv.se). Administrative assistance can be provided by Saba Zarrani (saba.zarrani@kkv.se).

The information on this website will continuously be updated.


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