Merger Control 2002

In connection with our ten-year anniversary we arranged a seminar regarding “The Pros and Cons of Merger Control“ and released an anthology with the same title. The anthology contains four contributions from prominent economists.

  • Damien Neven (University of Geneva) and Lars-Hendrik Röller (Humboldt University, Berlin) evaluate how accurate the Commission has been in the last ten years on prohibiting anti-competitive concentrations and allowing those which promote competition.
  • Kai-Uwe Kühn (University of Michigan, USA) highlights in a chapter a number of critical aspects on how the term collective dominance is used by the Commission in some current cases.
  • Gregory Werden and Luke Froeb discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of economic models in analysing acquisitions and markets.
  • Henrik Horn (University of Stockholm) and Johan Stennek (The Research Institute of Industrial Economics) discuss in the final chapter whether small countries are disadvantaged by the EC rules on concentrations.


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