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Knowledge and research about competition

New knowledge about how markets work is crucial to efforts to promote effective competition. The Swedish Competition Authority works to promote competition. Among other things, this means that we produce reports and analyses. We also distribute funds for research.

For example, our efforts to promote competition may involve focusing on a specific industry and making suggestions on how competition can be improved in various ways, for example through proposals for changes to the rules.

We may also report shortcomings with the aim of spurring self-correction. Moreover, we can make proposals for opening up markets to competition. Among other things, our work to promote competition results in reports and analyses.

Research grants

We support research that helps to increase knowledge about the competition area. You can apply for research grants from us for research projects, parts of research projects and research programmes related to competition and procurement issues.

Apply for a research grant

Contract research

In areas where there is a need to investigate or highlight an issue, we outsource research commissions, known as contract research, to researchers. The issues that we select are those that are of concern to the Swedish Competition Authority, and which may also be of interest to others in the field of competition and procurement.

Essay competition

Students who have written essays on competition and procurement-related subjects at the bachelor’s, magister’s and master’s levels can participate in the Swedish Competition Authority’s essay competition.