Procurement fine for County Council of Västernorrland

Press The Swedish Competition Authority is demanding that the County Council of Västernorrland be ordered to pay a procurement fine of SEK 700,000 after incorrectly procuring a staffing service.

Prohibit the district heating merger between Logstor and Powerpipe

Press Allowing the two largest companies to merge and acquire 80 per cent of the district heating pipes market harms competition. This is the view of the Swedish Competition Authority, who calls for the merger to be prohibited. The...

District heating customers could be worse off with merger

Press Stockholm City Court has dismissed the Swedish Competition Authority’s application to prevent Logstor acquiring Powerpipe Systems.

Karolinska University Hospital faces procurement fine

Press The Swedish Competition Authority is demanding that a procurement fine of SEK 200,000 be imposed on Karolinska for unlawfully awarding a contract.

Better prioritisation against unfair competition

Press Six years ago a ban was introduced in the Swedish Competition Act prohibiting municipalities and other government authorities from competing with private companies in an improper way. The Swedish Competition Authority has...

Criticism of the Swedish Maritime Administration’s helicopter purchases

Press The Swedish Competition Authority has reviewed the Swedish Maritime Administration’s procurement of search and rescue helicopters, and is critical of the way in which the procurement was conducted.

Blocket will not acquire Hemnet

Press Blocket Bostad will not acquire its competitor Hemnet. The merger notification that had been previously submitted to the Swedish Competition Authority has been withdrawn by the parties. Those who sell or buy homes will benefi...

Home grocery deliveries and parcels rise in popularity

Press E-commerce and deliveries of parcels, particularly the market segment regarding parcels from business to consumers, has enjoyed strong growth over a long period due to more consumers purchasing products online in Sweden and...