Essay competition prize winners

In 2016, the theme of the Swedish Competition Authority’s essay competition was ”Competition and Public Procurement”  and 37 essays were entered. Six essays were awarded prizes totalling SEK 100,000. Winners were selected within the two categories of law and economics.

Prize winners – Law 2016

1st prize: SEK 25,000, Victoria Volny, Faculty of law, Lund University.
Essay: Personuppgifter som valuta i den digitala ekonomin. En analys av den konkurrensrättsliga betydelsen av förvärv, insamling och hantering av personuppgifter i EU. [Personal data as currency in the digital economy. An analysis of the significance to competition law of the acquisition, collection and processing of personal data in the EU.]
Supervisor: Xavier Groussot
From the judges’ comments: "In this well-thought out essay, the writer has, in an exemplary manner, described and developed the subject’s theoretical background and development in case law. The analysis shows that the writer has a very good understanding of the difficult issues raised by the management of personal information within the context of competition law. The essay is an interesting contribution to the ongoing developments within this field."

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2nd prize: SEK 15,000, Jacob Nilsson, Faculty of law, Lund University.
Essay: Preklusionsfrist i mål om offentlig upphandling – En juridisk och rättsekonomisk studie. [Grace period for issue preclusion in cases of public procurement - a legal and economic study]
Supervisor: Henrik Norinder
From the judges’ comments: "The writer shows great autonomy and capacity for the critical examination of applicable Swedish law."

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3rd prize: SEK 10,000, Haris Ćatović, Faculty of law, Stockholm University.
Essay: Refusal to License Intellectual Property Rights as Abuse of Dominant Position in EU Competition Law. The Implications of the Huawei Judgment.
Supervisor: Björn Lundqvist
From the judges’ comments: "The question of how the refusal to license intellectual property rights should be treated within competition law has become even more topical with the EU Court of Justice’s judgment in the Huawei case."

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Prize winners – Economics 2016

1st prize: SEK 20,000, Hampus Sporre, School of Economics and Management at Lund University.
Essay: A for effort: an empirical analysis of the effect of competition on grade inflation in Swedish schools.
Supervisor: Alessandro Martinello
From the judges’ comments: "An excellent essay in which the writer conducts a clear and interesting discussion with the central hypothesis that competition could be the driving force behind grade inflation in Swedish high schools."

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2nd prize: SEK 17,500, Jadwiga Cletus, School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.
Essay: An Investigation of Bid Collusion within the Swedish Generic Drugs Market.
Supervisor: Johan Stennek
From the judges’ comments: "A very well-executed study in which the writer examines the possible existence of illegal cooperation with regard to the submission of bids in the procurement of generic pharmaceuticals."

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3rd prize: SEK 12,500, Kristina Boo and Frida Lönnberg, Stockholm School of Economics.
Essay: Opportunistic behaviour in quasi-markets of home care. A study on the compliance of granted and provided home care hours in Swedish municipalities.
Supervisor: Martina Björkman Nyqvist
From the judges’ comments: "The writers highlight a very topical problem within domiciliary healthcare by examining the relationship between the care needs of the users and the actual implementation of domiciliary healthcare in nine Swedish municipalities."

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