Commissioned research

The Swedish Competition Authority contracts out research assignments as ”commissioned  research”. This research relates to issues where the Authority sees a direct need to investigate, or where there is a particular issue that needs to be highlighted.

One important difference between commissioned research and other traditional forms of research that the Authority finances is that the awarding of funding for commissioned research is conducted independently by the Authority and not following applications submitted by the researchers themselves.

Findings are generally published in a special report series for commissioned research. They are to be written in such a way that they are accessible to non-specialists and people with no background in research. These can be downloaded free of charge.

In order to quality assure the assignments that the Authority contracts out as commissioned research, a reference group is normally connected to each project. This consists of people with specific competence in the fields in question. In addition to the projects being reported on and discussed in the reference group, the Authority in certain cases also organises a workshop in conjunction with the presentation of the project’s final report.

Further information

Should you have any questions regarding the Swedish Competition Authority’s commissioned research, please contact Joakim Wallenklint, on +46 (0)8-700 16 00.