Procedures following the granting of research funding

If you have been awarded a research grant, there are certain procedures to follow.

Signing of the contract and submission of the requisition form

When the Swedish Competition Authority has made a decision regarding an application for research funding, a contract is sent out to those who have been awarded a grant. Two requisition forms are sent along with the contract; these are to be completed and returned to the Authority.

For higher education institutions, the first payment is normally made as soon as the requisition is received by the Authority. The other half is to be requisitioned no later than 10 December the same year. Payment of the research grant cannot be made until we have received the requisition forms. If the form has not been received by 10 December, there is a risk that the money will be frozen.

Annual report regarding ongoing projects

For ongoing projects, a brief account of how the work is progressing is to be submitted to the Authority no later than 31 December each year.

Final account and financial report

At the end of the funding period, a final account is to be provided of the whole project; two copies of this are to be submitted to the Authority in addition to an electronic copy. In addition to this, a summary of the project is to be attached where the problem, aim, method and results are described, in no more than two A4 pages, and possible outcomes such as reports, books etc.

After the research funding’s disposition time has elapsed, a final financial report of the project is to be submitted to the Authority, and any unused funding is to be repaid.

Delays to the project

The Competition Authority is to be immediately notified of any delays due to long-term illness, parental leave or the like. You should also contact us if you accept other assignments that might result in delays to this project.

Questions about research grants

Should you have any questions regarding the process involved with applying for research funding, please contact Joakim Wallenklint, Secretary of the Council for Research Issues, on + 46 (0)8-700 16 03, or by e-mail:

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