The assessment process

Read more about how the Swedish Competition Authority’s assessment process works.

A large part of the research funding that the Competition Authority has at its disposal is dedicated to financing research within competition and procurement-related projects at higher education institutions primarily in Sweden.

Applications for research grants are made annually, with a closing date of 1st February. 

During the spring, the Authority assesses the applications in consultation with members of the Council for Research Issues. The Council’s Secretary compiles the assessments which are presented at one of the Council’s meetings in May.

The Council then makes a recommendation regarding which applications should be approved and the Competition Authority’s Director General subsequently decides on the projects to be granted research funding. The majority of projects run for two or three years and result in working papers, articles, reports, books or academic theses.

Decisions are taken for one year at a time, even for longer projects, but these are generally granted ongoing financing. The contract is distributed on an annual basis, together with two requisitions for payment – one for immediate payment in July and one for payment in December. Half of the funds granted for the year are allocated in advance, for each six-month period.

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