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Read more about the projects for which you can receive support, who can apply and how you go about applying for a research grant from the Swedish Competition Authority.

Which projects can receive support?

We support research projects, parts of research projects or research programmes. Participation in seminars or conferences, or organising events like these could also entitle you to a research. Funding is in the first instance given to projects that are clearly connected with the Competition Authority’s areas of operation. For projects spanning several years, funding is granted for up to three years.

We welcome applications for projects concerned with the way in which markets work, the effects of competition constraints, the results of various competition policies, efficiency within the public sector, public procurement issues and markets where regulatory reforms are being or have been conducted.

Other fields of research concerned with competition or public procurement can also be granted funding. We assess every application that we receive on an individual basis.

The Competition Authority may, in individual cases, need to reduce the amount of funding applied for. Should this be the case, we will contact the applicant.

Who can apply?

In order to be granted funding, the applicant (the person in charge of the project) must have completed a doctoral degree or equivalent qualification. The applicant must be affiliated to a university, university college or research institute (administering institution). If the application is for a doctoral student, his or her supervisor must be the person in charge of the project (applicant).

We primarily support projects that are not receiving major funding from other sources.

Applications are to be made for grants for specific projects or programmes, rather than for funding of a particular department or the like.

Complete the application form

To apply for research funding, complete the form found under the relevant link to the right. The application form, along with any appendices (description of the project, CV, etc.), is to be sent electronically to no later than 1st February.

Questions about research grants

Should you have any questions regarding the process involved with applying for research funding, please contact Joakim Wallenklint, Secretary of the Council for Research Issues, on + 46 (0)8-700 16 03, or by e-mail:

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