The Council for Research Issues

Assigned to the Competition Authority is the Council for Research Issues consisting of representatives from universities, other research institutions and authorities.

The task of the Council is to stimulate research in the competition and public procurement area and to keep the Authority informed of important developments within the economic and legal sciences. The Council is responsible for the Authority's evaluation of research applications. The Council is chaired by the Director-General of the Authority. 

  • Malin Arve, Associate Professor of Law at the Norwegian School of Economics
  • Carl Dalhammar, Assistant professor in industrial environmental economics at Lund University
  • Kirsi-Maria Halonen, Associate Professor of Law of University of Lapland
  • Lars Henriksson, Professor of Law at Stockholm School of Economics
  • Rikard Jermsten, Chairman, Director General, Swedish Competition Authority
  • Henrik Jordahl, Associate Professor in Economics at Research Institute of Industrial Economics
  • Sofia Lundberg, Professor of Economics at Umeå University
  • Björn Lundqvist, Professor of Law at Stockholm University
  • Agneta Marell, Professor at Jönköping university
  • Sten Nyberg, Professor in Economics at Stockholm University
  • Joakim Wallenklint, Secretary, Research Manager, Swedish Competition Authority
  • Sanna Wolk, Professor of Law at Uppsala University  

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