Tip-offs to the Swedish Competition Authority

Your tip-offs are a very important part of our supervision of procurement legislation. Through the tip-offs we receive, we are made aware of possible irregularities that we can then review further. Each year, tip-offs result in several court cases regarding procurement fines and multiple supervisory matters.

The procurement legislation promotes competition, prevents corruption and contributes to efficient use of tax monies. Through your tip-offs, you help us ensure that the procurement legislation is observed, and thus that tax monies are used in the best way possible.

Tip-offs regarding procurement issues


When we receive a tip-off regarding procurement, we initiate a pre-study. The purpose of the pre-study is to compile decision support that makes it possible for us to make a prioritisation decision on whether or not to take the matter further. In practice, this means that we may pose supplementary questions to the provider of the tip-off, gather evidence from procurement databases, and pose questions to the contracting authority. We gather enough decision support to be able to make a prioritisation decision in accordance with our prioritisation policy.

The prioritisation policy of the Swedish Competition Authority (in swedish)

A decision on if the errand should be taken further

When we have enough decision support, we make a prioritisation decision on whether or not to take the matter further.

If we choose to take the errand further, this may lead to us either going to court to get the court to impose a procurement fine, or making a supervisory decision in which we criticize the contracting authority.

Important information even if the errand is not prioritised

If we choose not to prioritise the subject of a certain tip-off, that tip-off may still constitute an important indication to us in planning supervisory work or in future actions.

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