Tip-offs regarding procurement issues

You can provide tip-offs regarding illegal direct awards, other serious breaches of the legislation on procurement or general procurement issues. Such tip-offs are an important supplement to our horizon scanning and help us ensure that procurement rules are observed.

How to give the Swedish Competition Authority a tip-off

You can give us a tip-off by:

  • Sending an e-mail message to tipsa@kkv.se. If you want to be anonymous, it is important that your name is not apparent from the e-mail message or anywhere else in the tip-off. We suggest that you create a fake e-mail address if you want ensure your anonymity.
  • Call us at +46 (0)8 700 16 00 and state that you want to give a tip-off regarding a procurement issue.
  • Send a letter to The Swedish Competition Authority (Konkurrensverket), 103 85 Stockholm. If you want to be anonymous, it is important that your name is not apparent from the letter or anywhere else in the tip-off.

Information connected to your tip-off

We will need certain information along with your tip-off. Make sure to provide the following information:

  • What has been purchased?
  • What is the total cost (VAT excluded) of the purchase(s)?
  • Which contracting authority/entity/body made the purchase(s)?
  • Which company is the supplier/service provider?
  • When was/were the purchase(s) made?
  • If a contract was signed, when did this occur?
  • Has the contracting authority/entity/body made similar purchases in the last year?
  • Where can the Swedish Competition Authority get more information about the purchase(s) in question?

Please attach any contracts, invoices, procurement documents or other evidence that you have available.

When we have received your tip-off

When we receive a tip-off, an assessment is made in each individual case as to whether or not the tip-off should be reviewed further. The assessment is made with a basis in our prioritisation policy (in swedish)

In practice, this means that we collect enough support for making a prioritisation decision on whether or not to review the matter. We will get back to you, the provider of the tip-off, regardless of if we decide to review the matter or not.

More on how we work with tip-offs received

Potential supplier/service provider

Suppliers and service providers have the possibility to request trial in court of direct awards, illegal direct awards and contracts for which invitations to tender were published. This can often be more appropriate for a supplier/service provider, as the court has the option of deciding that a procurement should be rectified or performed anew. A court can also decide to declare void a contract that has been concluded as a result of an illegal direct award.


Contact us by e-mail tipsa@kkv.se or by phone +46(0)8 700 16 00; we will answer your questions and explain anything that is unclear.

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