Handling a case

Once a case has been registered at the Swedish Competition Authority, it follows certain steps in a pre-defined procedure before a final decision is made.

The different steps are illustrated below.

  • Registration of a case.
  • The case is assigned to a department and group of case officers.
  • The case is prepared.
  • The department's proposed decision is circulated internally within the Authority.
  • The proposed decision on a specific case is presented by the case officers to the Director-General and discussed in the presence of the Head of the Department and the member of the management team.
  • The final decision is issued and the case file is closed.

Matter management system at the Competition Authority

When a document reporting a case arrives at the Competition Authority it is registered, i.e. it receives a registration number. The case is then sent to the head of the relevant department. A case handler or a project group is appointed and an investigation is initiated.

The decision proposed by the case handler or the project group is circulated to the other departments for comments. It is also sent to specialists within the authority who possess specific competence within the area in question. These routines are aimed at ensuring the quality of the decision by utilising the collected competence and experience available within the Competition Authority.

The case is then presented to the Director General who will make a final decision.

For quality assurance purposes all presentations of cases concerning the application of the law are attended by the Head of the Legal Department and the Chief Economist. In-house specialists may also attend these presentations. The Director-General is also empowered to delegate his/her power of decision to another authority employee.

When the presentation has been completed, the decision is taken and sent to all interested parties and the case is filed in the Competition Authority archives.

All Competition Authority decisions are also published on its website (in Swedish).