The Swedish Competition Authority is the state authority working with competition matters and supervision of public procurement. Our task is to work for efficient competition in the private and public sectors for the benefit of the consumers and for efficient public procurement for the benefit of society and the market participants.

The work at the Swedish Competition Authority is focused on the following areas:

Law enforcement and supervision

In the competition area, we work with law enforcement and preventative measures, with the best interest of the consumers in mind. We particularly emphasize combatting cartels, and intervening against private and public entities which abuse a dominant position on the market and against anti-competitive public sales operations.

In the procurement area, supervisory operations are prioritised, with a focus on illegal direct awards. Particular emphasis is placed on measures to facilitate for small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in public procurements. The Swedish Competition Authority is also tasked with working to promote uniform application of the national procurement rules.

We enforce the rules on competition and supervise the procurement legislation and the systems of choice. The Swedish Competition Authority also performs tasks pursuant to the Trading Prohibition Act and the Act on Transparency.

Improvement measures

The Swedish Competition Authority makes suggestions for amendments to rules and other measures to remove existing obstacles to entry on the market, and to facilitate efficient procurements.


We inform companies and other affected parties, to an appropriate extent, about important decisions, how we enforce the rules, and the contents of the rules. We also promote a competition-oriented perspective and work to promote uniform application of the national procurement rules.


The Swedish Competition Authority has a specific budget used to contribute to research on both competition and procurement. The results of the research should be increased knowledge among both our employees and our stakeholders.

The Council for Research Issues is tasked with stimulating research on competition and procurement and participating in assessment of which research projects should get support from the Swedish Competition Authority.

International work

The Swedish Competition Authority is tasked with contributing to the international development in competition and procurement. We collaborate with corresponding authorities in other countries and participate in other networks and international organisations.


The Swedish Competition Authority strives for efficient collaboration with municipalities, county councils and other affected parties. We also discuss our proposed measures with the affected authorities.


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