Core values of the Swedish Competition Authority

The core values of the Authority are linked to the Swedish Government’s priorities for a good culture of public administration, the aim of which is to create a more efficient central government administration based on legal certainty and help to ensure that the Authority’s relations with the general public are as far as possible characterised by dignity and respect (public service ethos).

The Swedish Competition Authority have conducted extensive work on the core values, involving the staff at the Authority. This work culminated in the adoption of the following wording to expresses our basic values, indicating how our employees are to approach each other and those with whom they come into contact:

  • Respect
    All of our interactions, both external and internal, are hallmarked by an openness and attentiveness to the other party’s needs and we show them respect. By being respectful of one another’s skills and differences, we can unpretentiously strive to achieve our goals in unison.
  • Commitment
    We are highly committed to our work and are forward-looking in order to stay one step ahead. This commitment leads to a sense of job satisfaction that allows everyone to feel comfortable at work and achieve favourable results in the interests of our target groups.
  • Expertise
    We possess the expertise, ability and resources to fulfil our mandate and maintain a high level of quality. We harness our experience and strive to improve continuously our knowledge and methods in order to enhance and ensure the efficiency and quality of our work.
  • Clarity
    We maintain communications that are tailored to our target groups. We are objective, impartial and open in all of our interactions, which builds confidence and credibility.

These values shall serve as the signature of all work conducted by the Swedish Competition Authority.

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