Updated environmental requirements for the procurement of tyres

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Vehicle tyres affect the environment in several ways: tyres may contain substances that are a hazard to health and the environment, among other things, and there is great potential for energy savings through the choice of tyres, which will decrease the emission of greenhouse gases. The Swedish Competition Authority has updated the requirements for vehicle tyres in order to help procuring authorities place relevant environmental requirements in their procurements.

"In the updated criteria the Swedish Competition Authority has also added requirements for wet grip performance and one requirement for noise levels," says Annie Stålberg, Head of Unit at the Swedish Competition Authority.

The Swedish Competition Authority's requirements for vehicle tyres were last updated in 2012 and there was a need to review them. The requirements, which consist of completed procurement criteria at different levels, include regulations on rolling resistance, manufacturer responsibility, snow tyres and chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). All these factors were included in the review. The explanatory texts to the requirements have also been clarified to make them easier to use. The requirements are optional and can be used when purchasing tyres and services such as freight and passenger transport, as well as in contracts.

"The updates of the Swedish Competition Authority's sustainability standards take place continually. Our criteria provide good guidance for contracting authorities that want to invest in more environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. I would like to see more people using our criteria when making purchases," says the Director-General of the Swedish Competition Authority, Dan Sjöblom.

The Swedish Competition Authority's sustainability criteria will support contracting authorities that want to help push the market further than current legislation does with respect to sustainability. The updating work was carried out in accordance with the Swedish Competition Authority's criteria process, in which an expert group was involved in producing the criteria. The expert group includes members from trade associations, contracting authorities and suppliers, among others.

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