The Swedish Competition Authority invites hotels and other affected parties to submit comments


The Competition Authority is currently investigating competition problems in the hotel sector and invites market participants to submit their views.

Contracts between online travel agents and hotels include clauses which regulate the hotels’ price-setting in relation to different sales channels (clauses concerning so-called price parity). According to the Competition Authority’s preliminary assessment such price parity clauses risk leading to a prohibited restriction of competition. has submitted a commitment to change its contract terms in order to resolve the competition problems identified by the Competition Authority. In brief, it foresees that price parity will only apply in relation to the hotels’ own sales channels. Hotels will therefore have the possibility to price-differentiate amongst the online travel agents they have agreements with.

In order to evaluate this commitment, the Competition Authority calls for comments from hotels and other affected market participants as to what the commitment could be expected to lead to.

The Competition Authority wishes to receive your comments by 30 January 2015 at the latest by e-mail at or by post at Konkurrensverket, 103 85 Stockholm. Please state the company’s name, contact details and comments regarding the case with registration number 596/2013.

For more information, please contact:
Jimmy Dominius, Press Officer, tel. +46-8-700 15 80 or + 46-76-542 15 80
Martin Mandorff, Head of Abuse and Vertical Restraints Unit, tel. +46-8-700 15 53
Sophie Ducaté, Project Manager, tel. +46-8-700 16 26
Erik Westerström, Competition Counsellor, tel. +46-8-700 16 83

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