The Competition Authority refrains from taking action against a small actor’s minimum price list


By way of an anonymous complaint the Competition Authority has been made aware of the fact that a manufacturer of protein powder products has applied mandatory minimum resale prices, so-called resale price maintenance, in relation to its retailers. The Competition Authority has now decided not to investigate the matter further.

Resale price maintenance may harm competition and consumers. The investigative measures taken by the Competition Authority indicate that both the manufacturing and the retail level are fragmented and that the manufacturer in question has a low market share.

There are no indications that resale price maintenance is applied by other manufacturers of protein powder products or that resale price maintenance is part of a horizontal co-ordination.

Against this background the probability that the resale price maintenance would lead to any major harm to competition and consumers in the present case is not great enough for the Swedish Competition Authority to prioritise a continued investigation.

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