Swedish LFV not allowed to benefit the large taxi firms at Arlanda

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The Swedish Competition Authority has decided to stop the LFV´s (Swedish Civil Aviation Administration) planned change to the queuing and call-up system at Terminals 2 and 5 at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.

The decision is to take immediate effect, on penalty of a fine of SEK 750 000. The new system was to have been introduced on 27 October and would have favoured the largest taxi firms in Stockholm while leaving the rest at a disadvantage. Such a move would have reduced consumers’ range of choice and also hampered price competition.

The LFV had cited environmental improvement as one of its arguments for taking the step. The Competition Authority has not found, however, that travelers would stand a better chance of finding a green taxi as a result of the planned change.

A number of taxi firms have filed complaints with the Competition Authority, arguing that the LFV has abused its dominant position, infringing the Swedish Competition Act.

The plan was for four out of five lanes for Stockholm-bound taxis at Terminal 5 to be reserved for the three largest firms.
The Competition Authority takes the view that the Civil Aviation Administration’s actions would lead to reduced competition and therefore a narrower range of choice for taxi customers at the airport. Consequently, it will not allow the LFV to implement its planned redistribution of the queuing and call-up system. The decision of the Swedish Competition Authority is temporary.

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