Prizewinners for excellent sustainable public purchasers and suppliers selected

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At the conference on Sustainable Procurement, the Swedish Competition Authority awarded two prizes, one to an excellent sustainable supplier and one to a public purchaser. The winners are Atea, for its active work on climate issues, and VÄRMEK (the procurement cooperative for energy companies in Sweden) for its innovation in sustainability issues.

This is the first time that the Swedish Competition Authority hosts the competition, which takes place in two classes: Excellent sustainable public purchaser and excellent sustainable supplier. The competition has previously been organised by the Swedish Environmental Management Council, SEMCo.

At a ceremony held in conjunction with the conference on Sustainable Procurement, the two winners received their diplomas, applause and honour. "Both of the winners have made good initiatives to encourage more long-term sustainable procurement.  We have two very worthy winners," said the director-general of the Swedish Competition Authority, Dan Sjöblom, when the prizes were awarded.

"For us, it is natural to work with sustainability because it is a core issue for our members. It is fantastic to receive the prize and to have our work recognised," said Peter Dahl, CEO at VÄRMEK.

The Supplier of the Year has also worked strategically with sustainability issues and was very happy about the award. "We are very proud of the prize, and it is also a recognition of the fact that what we do in the area of sustainability, such as the protest against conflict minerals, is relevant to the industry," said Andreas Rydell, quality and environmental manager at Atea.

An external jury chose the winners. The justifications for the prizes can be seen on the Swedish Competition Authority website

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