New Funds for Research into Competition and Procurement

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The Swedish Competition Authority has allocated research grants to four new projects, and has decided to continue financing fifteen ongoing projects.

The Swedish Competition Authority has funds which are specifically allocated to the financing of research into competition issues, how markets function and public procurement. This leads to increased knowledge in these areas, which are central to our economy. This year, the authority will allocate SEK 14 million, of which a little over SEK 3 million will go to completely new research projects.

Competition within the healthcare sector, where private and public providers work side by side, is an issue that will now be analysed in a research project that will be led by Professor Fredrik Andersson at Lund University. He will receive a little over SEK 3 million in order to study this important subject over a three-year period.

The evaluation of simulations in advance of mergers and acquisitions is an area that will be studied in more depth by Professor Frank Verboven at KU Leuven (Belgium). He will receive around SEK 1 million for this project.
Procurement, market and land development is a subject that Tobias Indén, a senior lecturer at Umeå University, will specialise in. Close to SEK 2 million will go to studies into these important issues over three years.

Professor Tore Nilssen at the University of Oslo will receive a grant of a little over SEK 100,000 to arrange a Nordic research conference, where issues relating to industrial organisation will be discussed and illuminated from different perspectives.

“Contributing to new and improved knowledge of how markets work is really valuable. In the long-term, this contributes to well-functioning markets, which in turn benefits companies, consumers and tax-payers”, says Dan Sjöblom, Director-General of the Swedish Competition Authority.

The Swedish Competition Authority has also decided to continue financing several ongoing research projects. Among the subjects that receive funding are the following: Re-regulation of the pharmaceuticals market, spatial econometrics to detect cartels in tender data, privatisation and competition law challenges, as well as the relationship between high price and high quality in public procurements.

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