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Quit an unlawful cartel and escape punishment. The Competition Authority is now employing new approaches to make the opportunities available under the law more widely known. A short film showing how you leave a cartel has been posted on the Internet.

When companies secretly agree on prices, share markets between them or collude on bids for contracts, this is comparable to other serious forms of economic crime. Consumers, other companies and the economy as a whole all lose out when cartels destroy markets.

“Be the first to tell - a film about leniency” is the title of the short film now being launched and distributed through various channels, including the Competition Authority’s own website. The film supplements other information initiatives focusing on the competition rules.

“Those companies that come first to the Competition Authority to reveal that they’re part of a cartel, and then cooperate with us, can avoid sanction altogether – both the fines and the personal culpability that a trading prohibition entails for those involved,” says the agency’s Director General, Dan Sjöblom.

More companies should take the opportunity to leave unlawful cartels, he adds.

“Offering freedom from sanction, or leniency, as it’s called, has turned out to be a highly effective way of exposing and putting an end to cartels. In the EU in particular, but also in Sweden, the leniency system has been a success.”

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Jimmy Dominius, Press Officer, tel +46 8-700 15 80 or +46 73-542 15 80
Charlotte Landström Axelsson, Head of Division and Project Manager, +46 8-700 15 36

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