From TV to moving pictures – where, when and how we watch

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Where, when and how do we consume moving pictures? The Swedish Competition Authority and the Radio and TV Authority are producing a joint report on developments in the moving picture market.

In the fast-growing market for moving pictures, new services and new technologies are constantly being introduced. The array of services, actors, technological equipment and infrastructures is widening all the time, and the market is becoming increasingly complex.

This is giving consumers greater freedom of choice – it means we are getting more and more TV channels and greater opportunity to decide for ourselves where, when and how we watch them.

The Competition Authority and the Radio and TV Authority are both involved in this sphere, but in different ways. With our joint report, from TV to moving pictures, we are hoping to enhance understanding of the field by presenting an up-to-date picture of the market and how it is likely to develop over the next few years.

The report focuses on developments in Sweden but also adopts an international perspective to show how this market relates to the outside world. Consumer freedom of choice and mobility in the moving pictures sphere is analysed and discussed in the report, which is based on a unique questionnaire survey.

From TV to moving pictures is published on the two agencies’ websites – and There, you can download the report free of charge or order a printed version.

For further information, please contact:
Peter Schierbeck, Head of Department, Radio and TV Authority, +46 8-606 90 89,
Tove de Vries, Radio and TV Authority, +46 8-606 90 94,
Mårten Törnqvist, Competition Adviser, Swedish Competition Authority,
+46 8-700 15 49

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