Five million Swedish kronor for research into competition and procurement

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What do private companies feel about municipal authorities being involved in activities that restrict competition? This is one of the areas for which research funds are being provided by Swedish Competition Authority.

This year the Swedish Competition Authority will award just over five and a half million Swedish kronor to nine new research projects, and the same number of projects will continue to receive funding. These research grants aim to enhance and disseminate knowledge about competition and procurement issues.

“We need to increase knowledge through research in order to understand how markets, consumers and businesses function,” says Dan Sjöblom, Director-General of the Swedish Competition Authority.

This year’s research grants have been awarded to very different kinds of project. One project is looking at how to follow up the quality of care procured for elderly people. This assignment will be performed by Ulrika Winblad Spångberg from Uppsala University. It is difficult to set out specifically what the researcher is expected to achieve in terms of results, and this question will now be studied in more detail.

Another project is entitled Marknadsstaten och valfrihetssysstemen [The market state and freedom of choice systems]. Tobias Indén from the University of Southern Denmark will be leading this work. Freedom of choice systems in Denmark and Sweden are among those being studied to find out how the function of the market is affected by various situations.
Mattias Lundbäck at Ratio has been awarded a grant to research the presence of municipal undertakings in markets subject to competition. This will include sending out a questionnaire to private companies to survey how they feel about competition from municipal undertakings.

Other areas to receive research grants from the Swedish Competition Authority include market power and pricing in the Swedish food market, for example for coffee. Another project involves how sub-contractors are controlled by public organisations during public procurement.
“The different research projects now receiving grants demonstrate a broad bouquet of approaches to enhance knowledge. The aim is to increase the understanding of different processes and thereby have markets that function properly,” says Dan Sjöblom.

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