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Swedavia, which owns and operates Stockholm Arlanda Airport, is now being demanded to pay an administrative fine for a special "sign fee" imposed on the taxi companies that pick up customers at Arlanda Airport.

This is in regard to pre-booked taxis where the driver has picked up customers in the arrival hall and held up a sign with the customer's name on it. For a period of time, taxi companies have been required to pay a special sign fee of SEK 25 per customer to Swedavia's contractor EuroPark in order to be allowed to offer this service. The Market Court subsequently issued a verdict which established that this amounts to illegal conduct. The sign fee has since been removed.

The Swedish Competition Authority has now submitted a summons application to the Stockholm City Court demanding that the state owned Swedavia should be ordered to pay a SEK 340,000 administrative fine for abusing their dominant position on the market. The abuse claim is in relation to the nine months in 2011 when the special sign fee was imposed on the taxi companies.

Only about three per cent of the sign charge, SEK 0.85, corresponded to an actual cost. Approximately 115,000 individual taxi fares imposed the additional sign fee over the nine months it was used.

"It is the travellers – the customers – that have suffered the effects of this additional illegal sign fee. A dominating company – in this case a company in a monopoly position – is not allowed to impose unfair fees", said Dan Sjöblom, Director-General of the Competition Authority.

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