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Press release is a new website offering tips and advice on what to consider before making a purchase and what rights you have when something goes wrong. The site is a joint initiative launched by the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Swedish Competition Authority to help teenagers become smarter consumers.

Mobile phone services, subscriptions, fashion, loans and the Internet are just a few examples of the temptations and opportunities facing modern youth. Today, it is vital to be able to see through all the glamorous offers being made and become an aware consumer.

The purpose of Ung Konsument (Young Consumer) is to give teenagers aged 13–18 basic information about their rights and obligations as consumers – what they need to consider before making a purchase and what rights they have when something goes wrong.

The site brings together factual articles, reports and other useful information affecting young people’s lives and consumption. Subjects include teenagers’ day-to-day finances, the impact of advertising, and ethically and environmentally aware consumption. There is also information about moving away from home and the importance of efficient competition.

“I want young people to be strong and to know when to put their foot down as consumers,” says Consumer Ombudsman Gunnar Larsson, who is also head of the Swedish Consumer Agency. “You shouldn’t have to accept being treated worse simply because you’re not an adult. On the Young Consumer site you can find all the arguments you need to exercise your rights.”

“Comparing goods and prices is always important,” says Dan Sjöblom, Director General of the Competition Authority. “The site has a useful bargaining guide for young people who want to discuss prices."

At school, is a valuable teaching aid. The site can inspire discussion among pupils on what choices they face as consumers from day to day, and on the kinds of traps people fall into.

For more information, please contact:
Malin Lindquist Skogar, Swedish Consumer Agency, tel +46 (0)54-19 41 05
Bengt Kopp, Swedish Competition Authority, tel +46 (0)8-700 15 04

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