Survey reveals deficient procurement of waste management services

Press Almost a third of all waste management contracts awarded by Swedish municipalities are never exposed to competition, according to a survey conducted by the Competition Authority. The survey of procurement practices around the...

Vertical agreements under scrutiny

Press Control of the entire chain from production to consumer will be the subject of a research conference that the Competition Authority is organising in Stockholm.

More bite in tighter Swedish competition law

Press On 1 November, a new Competition Act enters into force in Sweden. This will make it easier for the authorities to take action against companies guilty of violating the competition rules and distorting the market.

Sweden imposes stricter competition rules

Press Business leaders taking part in an illegal cartel may in future be prohibited from trading. This is one of the new features of Sweden’s updated and more rigorous Competition Act, due to enter into force on 1 November.

Alecta did not limit competition

The Alecta insurance company did not act in such a way that its behaviour had an anti-competitive effect on the market. Reaching this conclusion, the Swedish Competition Authority has closed the case of suspected abuse of a...

Nordic experience important in reforming the pharmaceutical market

Press The markets for pharmaceutical retail in the Nordic countries have undergone or will soon be undergoing major changes. In Sweden, the Government is preparing to phase out the present state monopoly on the market over the next...

New rules pave the way for freedom of choice

Press A new law is due shortly that will make it easier for Swedish municipalities and county councils to introduce freedom of choice for patients and clients in their health care and social care systems. Under the new law, more...

Public actors must not compete with private

Press Municipalities and other public actors should not be allowed to operate in functioning markets, since they force out established businesses and obstruct market entry. Worst hit are small local enterprises.