When you send the Swedish Competition Authority a tip-off

Your tip-offs are a very important part of our supervision of competition legislation. When the public provides tip-offs to the Swedish Competition Authority, we can find out about if companies are collaborating regarding pricing and dividing markets between themselves, if companies in a dominant position are abusing their market power, or if a public party is conducting sales operations that are anti-competitive.

A market where parties do not act in breach of competition legislation generally leads to better competition. This is beneficial for both companies and consumers, for instance through price pressures and a broader range of goods and services.

Tip-offs regarding competition issues


When we receive a tip-off, we initiate a pre-study. The purpose of the pre-study is to compile decision support that makes it possible for us to make a prioritisation decision on whether or not to take the matter further. We gather enough decision support to be able to make a prioritisation decision in accordance with our prioritisation policy.

The prioritisation policy of the Swedish Competition Authority

A decision on if the matter should be taken further

When we have enough decision support, we make a prioritisation decision on whether or not to take the matter further.

If we choose to take the matter further, this may, for example, lead to us ordering the companies involved to cease with a certain action or going to court so that a fine for infringing upon competition law can be imposed upon the relevant party.

Important information even if the errand is not prioritised

If we choose not to prioritise the subject of a certain tip-off, that tip-off may still constitute an important indication to us in planning supervisory work or in future actions. However, we cannot always – for instance when it comes to tip-offs regarding cartels – provide feedback on how the tip-off is being handled. This is because such feedback might negatively impact on our investigatory efforts.

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