Leniency – Immunity and Reduction of Fines

According to the Swedish Competition Act, an undertaking may be exempted from fines if it discloses its participation in illegal anti-competitive cooperation to the Swedish Competition Authority (the Competition Authority).

Undertakings that wish to notify their participation in illegal anti-competitive cooperation in order to be granted immunity from fines or reduction of a fine are invited to contact the Competition Authority’s Leniency Group. Contact details:

Tel: +46-8-700 15 99 (weekdays 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM) Fax: +46-8-700 15 98 E-mail: eftergift_kkv@kkv.se

It is possible for an undertaking to contact the Competition Authority anonymously. The Competition Authority accepts leniency notifications in English. 

The Leniency Group also handles matters concerning trading prohibition  against individuals involved in cartels.

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