An open process

All applications received by the Swedish Competition Authority are public documents.

In the Budget Bill for 2020, the Government has proposed that the Swedish Competition Authority's research grants be reduced by SEK 3 million. The Swedish Competition Authority's research grant will thus, if the Riksdag decides in accordance with the Government's proposal, be largely subscribed for already ongoing projects. This means that the Swedish Competition Authority is not able to carry out any announcement of research funding for 2020.

As a government agency, the Swedish Competition Authority enforces the laws and other regulations that apply to public administration, including the principle of public access. Even the preparation process itself is open for as long as possible so that there is no possibility of conflicts of interest arising or other factors that could affect the objectivity of the assessment.

The application becomes a public document

All applications received by the Swedish Competition Authority are public documents and consequently the parts not bound by confidentiality are accessible to anyone.

Compilations, assessments and other information produced during the preparatory period are classed as working material.

It is in the first instance the person handling the case who examines whether a document can be made accessible to the public. If the document contains confidential information that the Authority believes should not be made available to the public, the Administrative Court of Appeal can examine the matter. The Authority’s decision in respect of confidentiality issues has been delegated to the Director of the Chief Economist’s Department.

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