Time limits

When setting a time limit, a contracting authority shall take particular account of how complex the procurement is and the time required to prepare a tender.

The time limits referred to in the Act represent minimum time periods and every procurement should be assessed individually as regards an appropriate limit.

The minimum period for submitting a tender in an open procedure is 52 days. The period for applying for participation in a restricted and negotiated procedure is normally 37 days and there is a further 40 days to submit a tender in the case of a restricted procedure. 40 days could also be an appropriate tender period for a negotiated procedure. These time limits start to run from the day when the notice was sent to OJ for publication. Thus, the first day becomes the day after the notice was sent.

The time limit may be shortened when a prior information notice has been issued in the prescribed way if the notice was sent electronically and if the contract documents and all supporting documents have been provided electronically.

If the contracting authority has drawn up and issued a notice electronically, the tender period may be reduced by seven days in certain cases and if the contracting authority provides the contract documents electronically, the tender period may be reduced by a further five days.

A more rapid procedure may be used under certain preconditions (accelerated procedure).

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