Publication of a contract notice

A contract notice shall be published according to a certain set standard formats or standard forms to enable all potential suppliers to receive information about forthcoming contracts, regardless of nationality.

It is mandatory to use these standard forms and they can be accessed from the website or via a link on the Swedish Competition Authority’s website. Both Chapter 7 of LOU and the Ordinance on Public Procurement and Procurement within the Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services Sectors (2007:1099) contain provisions on the publication of contract notices above the threshold.

These include provisions on:

  • prior information notices for planned procurements for the following 12 months. The aim of this notice is to disseminate information about forthcoming contracts. A prior information notice is only mandatory if the contracting authority wishes to shorten the tender periods. A notice may be published on the authority’s buyer profile or, in the case of other notices, by sending a prior information notice to the European Commission. If the notice is published on the buyer profile, the contracting authority shall send the Commission a notification about this. The content of a prior information notice must be the same, regardless of whether it has been published through a notice being sent to the Commission or has been published in the buyer profile.
  • publication of contract notices for a current procurement for the award of a contract or a framework agreement relating to products, services or works. The aim is that all potential suppliers will be informed about the contract in question so that they are afforded an opportunity to participate in the procurement procedure.
  • contract award notices for the results of a procurement, where the contracting authority has awarded a contract orcconcluded a framework agreement. A notice regarding thecresults of procurement must be issued no later than 48 dayscafter the authority’s decision. A contract award notice doescnot have to be issued when awarding a contract on the basis of a framework agreement. A contract award notice shall be issued regarding the results of a procurement of a B-Service if the value of the contract amounts to at least the applicable threshold. The aim of this notice is both to inform suppliers in the Internal Market about major contracts awarded and also to fulfil certain monitoring and statistical needs.

Suppliers can get information about and search for procurements in OJ via the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) database. TED is accessible via the Internet ( or via the Swedish Competition Authority’s website). There are also a number of companies that will help suppliers to search for and monitor notices.

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